Large infrastructure projects, such as roads and rail roads, generally consist of a wide range of civil engineering constructions: earth embankments, settlement free slabs, fly-overs, underpasses, noise protection screens, culverts and technical buildings.

These constructions require specific site investigations, foundation design, geotechnical and dewatering design. Where roads and railroads are incorporated into existing constructions, as well as in existing

cables and pipes systems, specific technical solutions are required, both during the construction phase and during the life time of these structures.

GeoConsult has been involved in the construction of the High Speed Rail Link connecting Amsterdam via Antwerp to Brussels. GeoConsult carried out the geotechnical design for the connection to the existing rail infrastructure (Contract HSL7) from the conceptual stage right through to the construction stage.

This design & construct contract involved: near Schiphol Airport: two fly-overs and connecting earth embankments; between Moerdijk and Breda: a fly-over and connecting earth embankments and the railway bridge over the river Mark and in the city of Breda: two underpasses and a fly-over with connecting earth embankments.