Models of geological and geotechnical conditions are essential for the cost calculation of dredging projects. Productions have to be estimated and the suction or the cutting of materials has to be assessed, as well as the workability and wear on the dredging equipment. Settlement and stability calculations are also required for the geotechnical design of land reclamation where dredged materials are deposited near shore.

GeoConsult has carried out a variety of dredging projects for land reclamation in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The feasibility of the dredging of rock mainly depends on factors such as the strength of the rock, the occurrence of discontinuities and the hardness of specific layers.

In Lake Nasser, Egypt, GeoConsult did research for rock dredging at 45 m water depths for the water intake of an irrigation canal. This canal is designed to irrigate the southern desert in the New Valley Project.