Damwand met pompen


For many foundation solutions the ground water level has to be lowered temporarily. Assessments will have to be made as to the required capacity of a dewatering system, the type and depth of wells to be applied and what effects pumping will have on its surroundings.

Other considerations are the quality of the water (for example the possibilty of mobilization of hazardous chemical constituents) and the possible return of water into the ground (infiltration).

(Geo)hydrological models of the subsoil are often essential in order to assess the feasibility of various dewatering system, this also with a view to possible construction methods.

GeoConsult has been involved in the design of several large projects for the dewatering of construction pits. These projects consisted of the design and supervision of site investigations, pumping tests and ground water flow modelling which eventually resulted in the presentation of reports to obtain dewatering permits.