Company Philosophy

For construction on or within the underground properties of the soil or rock have to be acquired and judged. With the obtained data calculations are performed for chosen foundation methods, with the aim to ascertain, that no failure of the ground or excessive settlements will occur during the construction or during the life of the object. Data about the depositional and deformational history of geological layers have to be related to geotechnical parameters, as established in the field and in the laboratory, according to engineering geology practice.

The developed geotechnical parameter models form the basis for calculations, simulating the interaction between soil or rock and the construction, using methods from geotechnics: soil and rock mechanics and geohydrology.
GeoConsult puts much emphasis on the engineering geological basis for the parameter models and this is possible as a result of fundamental knowledge of the relationships between geology and soil behaviour. These data are largely obtained through research that is conducted in-house.


Design calculations have to be applied in every day construction practice. By designing interactively with construction preparation, GeoConsult achieves the optimal and safe construction of foundations and other geotechnical structures.

Subsidence of the ground surface may occur where minerals or fluids are extracted from the subsurface for energy or water supply purposes or for the dewatering of building sites. This may cause damage to buildings, hydraulic structures or the natural environment.

GeoConsult attaches great value to the preservation of the human and natural environment and takes these aspects into account in its work.

Innovation is progress through renewal. This principle does not only apply to the improvement of products and processes such as foundation methods, tunnel design or excavation techniques, but also to the models that are used to calculate and predict soil behaviour.

GeoConsult actively pursues renewal in its various working processes.